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Home again, home again jiggity-jig!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted a blog since September. I purposefully took a step back from the blogging, but I still can’t believe it’s been that long. In hindsight I should have written a post explaining why I would be taking a bit of a break, but each time I tried I couldn’t find the words.

There isn’t a dramatic reason I took a little hiatus. It was mostly that life has been incredibly busy, and I felt that more important things were being shoved down my priority list. Blogging is something I do solely for myself. Not that that’s a bad thing but I needed to establish better boundaries with my “me” time.

So a little bit of an update: back to blogging! Yay! I have been keeping up with writing, but it takes on a completely different experience when you share your stories with the world instead of saved on your desktop. I plan on continuing my mix of mommyhood and fiction posts. Writing really is such an outlet for me. It’s a stress reliever and creativity producer.

In unrelated but even more exciting news, my husband and I are expecting Baby Pennell #2! Woo Woo! I still can’t believe it. Mostly because I’m so busy chasing my very active little toddler around the house. I honestly have no idea how I’m going to juggle two babies. What in the actual WORLD!?

So, this is my clunky, unpolished first post back into the world of blogging. I’m excited to read through the blogs I followed and catch up on everyone’s lives. It’s amazing how much can happen in an almost five month span!


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