Confessions from a Boulangerie

This is a random little shout out, but if you head over here, you can read 25 one-liners to lift your spirits. I had a couple of good laughs going through the list! One of my favorites, “The early bird gets the worm, but the late worm gets to live.” Ha! I don’t know why I find that so funny but I do.

I’m sitting in a picturesque boulangerie on Division Street in Portland. We’ve been in this city about a month and I’m finding so many quirky places with fantastic food. I’m partial to this little french spot because, not only does the food taste like a cafe straight out of Strasbourg but it feels like it’s smack-dab in the middle of Strasbourg.

I’ve lived overseas a couple of times and my heart has never really left Europe. I’ve been blessed to visit so many extraordinary places, but France has always moved me. It gets down into my bones and stirs my desire for adventures. I can’t explain why. It just does. I’ve never been a fan of that phrase, but I can’t figure out any other way to describe it.

My heart has been yearning for an adventure. I know we’ve traveled a lot this summer. It was mostly for my sanity’s sake while Grady was away. My family and inlaws saved me and Scout in so many ways. However, traveling solo with a very active baby in new times zones, new beds, new places is no easy feat. Poor thing. All things considered, Scout handled this summer fairly well.

I also know that my cousin passing is a big reason I want to get the heck out of dodge. When trials come my reaction is to run. I can confront them only for so long before everything within me needs to hop on a plane and get a new view for a little while. Also, moving to Portland has been a big transition. Grady has been working all day every day with hardly a break in between. It’s been a couple of very long, lonely weeks. To quote a movie that I don’t even like, “I need a vacation from my problems!” (from What About Bob).

Sometimes I feel like my only adventures will be out smarting my 16 month old into taking her naps and cleaning up four thousand piles of dirty clothes and dishes and then doing it all over again the next day. The weight of the redundancy of my days overwhelms me a bit at times. It’s hard work. It’s repetitive work, but it’s good work. C.S. Lewis said that, “Children aren’t a distraction from your most important work. They are your most important work.”

Don’t hear me wrong, I’m not blaming Scout for my struggles. Her high energy and strong-willed ways and all, she’s a phenomenal little human being. I love her with everything I have within me and I wouldn’t trade my position as a mother for anything in the world. And goodness knows she is so gracious with her tired mama. Even when I lose my temper she meets me with hugs and kisses. This has been a very long, very difficult summer and I’m struggling with sifting through my feelings and exhaustion. Sorry for the whiny blurry post, but writing it out has already made me feel a little bit better. Life is unfairly difficult at times, but good always finds a way in, little by little.

Happy Sunday, everyone! I challenge you to find your own little haven in the midst of life and all the craziness it brings with it.




8 thoughts on “Confessions from a Boulangerie”

  1. I feel the same itch to travel or move when things get rough. I imagine that somehow being in a new place will give me a clean slate and wipe away all of my problems and worries. But while I’ve moved apartments countless times, I’ve yet to leave Chicago after ten years. I am still feeling that itch!

    1. Yes it’s so true! I love Chicago. I’ve been twice but I still feel like there is so much to the city I haven’t seen yet. What are your favorite corners of the city?

  2. Oh, it changes all the time! I love exploring little neighborhoods, but they change so fast. Wicker Park is totally different from how it used to be 10 years ago – I almost never go there anymore. I love Pilsen for it’s gritty art scene and Andersonville for it’s adorable small town vibe, and the historical mansions in Hyde Park and Logan Square are amazing. Plus there’s the bike trail along the lake, and the dog beach and farmers markets in the summer… I could go on! There are so many little nooks and crannies, and each neighborhood is so distinctly it’s own that it’s entirely possible to get stuck here, as I did, for a long time and never get bored.

    1. I’ll have to add Hyde Park and Logan Square to my list! I’d love to see the old historical homes. And yes, I’m sure the city changes quite a bit with how populated it is. The first time I went to the city I got food poisoning and didn’t get to explore at all! 😦 I need to make up for lost time!

    1. When you’ve tackled one thing, you have to learn another! It’s the most amazing growing process. I think this little French corner will be a new favorite for me 🙂

  3. It’s wonderful that you’ve found a nice, quiet place that transports you! I believe that being a mother is one the hardest, and most important, jobs in the world–and one that you can never clock out of. I hope you can find time to enjoy your new haven and take mini vacations from your problems every now and then!

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