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Hello hello!

I just flew through my latest read, and so I thought I’d throw a couple of book reviews out there.

  1. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyardd1427aa51475d87c08a90994aae4e59f So this Young Adult piece of brilliance was fantastic. It definitely has a Hunger Games meets Divergent meets X-men kind of feel so it. I’m a HUGE fan of the Hunger Games so I was taken with this from the get-go. Can I just be honest and say that Young Adult fiction can be so addicting? I don’t fully understand it but I kind of do. They make me feel like I’m 19 again with the whole world at my fingertips. It’s fun to watch characters fight for a cause and to fall in love for the very first time. It’s magic stuff. But it’s also kind of dangerous. Fictional characters have zero flaws, ya know? And even if they do have flaws, in books there are always good reasons behind them and in some bizarre way it makes them even more attractive. Books are strange and beautiful things. I don’t want to give a detailed review as the whole story is so fresh in my mind (I just finished it today) and I’m in that post-book depression funk. I need to know what happens next! Fair warning, the first and second books are out but the third isn’t due for publication until February 2017. So I’m not letting myself read the second until I’m able to have the third at the ready! Just know that if you like dystopian stories with a gritty but likable female lead, a cutting edge story and a couple of dreamy guys thrown in the mix, this is a good one.
  2. The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling)b6fead7f2cb31dee63f2954ba44bd396.jpgThis series isn’t new, although the third novel “A Career of Evil” came out within the last year. These books are phenomenal. If you like dark suspense these are for you. “The Cuckoo’s Calling” is the first, followed by “The Silkworm” and lastly “A Career of Evil”. I’m an avid Harry Potter fan and when I heard that this series was actually written by JK Rowling I was intrigued. I was nervous to read an entirely different genre because I so dearly love her style of writing and language, but couldn’t imagine it working for me outside of Harry Potter. I was wrong. I will also add that the narrator for the Audiobooks does a wonderful job. I’m so picky about narrations for Audiobooks, but with these I was far from disappointed. JK Rowling is brilliant at whodunit’s. I’m on the third book now and cannot wait for the next!

I normally review more than two books, but my daughter has been asleep for an hour and if I don’t follow suit I’ll regret it in the morning. Sweetest of dreams my blogging friends and happy reading!

P.S. As an aspiring author, I hope one day to read another aspiring author shouting out my new novel. So if you are a newly published author and would like another pair of eyes on your novel or novella drop a comment or send me an email! You can find it in the “about me” tab at the top of the page.

9 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. Thanks for the reviews! I’m also a YA fiction addict–it’s a great genre! Also, I’ve been cautious about reading anything by J. K. Rowling since the HP series ended… I read The Casual Vacancy when it came out, and I was not disappointed but kind of underwhelmed. I’m glad to hear that her new series is good–I’ll add it to my reading list!

  2. YA fiction tends to be my favorite. My daughter started the Red Queen, but needed to return it to the friend who had lent it to her. She was enjoying it and thought I would too. Definitely will have to add it to my reading list.

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