Flying Solo

Today my husband Grady hopped on a plane for South Carolina. He’ll be at Fort Jackson with the Army for three months while Scout and I get some quality girl-time.

We had to drop him off at the crack of dawn this morning. Scout was up for about two second and then fell fast asleep by the time we got to the airport. I felt sorry for Grady that she wasn’t able to blow him a kiss (it’s the cutest thing EVER) when he said goodbye.

As we got closer to the airport I could feel myself getting nervous, which I didn’t expect. Part of me worries it will be three months of being stuck in that feeling when you are counting down the minutes on the clock for your husband to get home from work so you can have a little break…I know that was a run-on, but ya know what I mean? Part of me is totally confident that the time will go by fast and I’ll be able to master this single parentdom NO PROBLEMO! Especially since I have orchestrated our summer to be with different members of extended family almost the entire time. Thank you family!

I also know I have no room to complain as there are mama’s out there that take care of kids alone 24/7 365 days a year. There are mama’s who have to tackle deployments with more than one child and with no family to help share the load. So when I look at it from that point of view. I really can’t complain.

I also didn’t think that I would cry, but I did. I didn’t totally lose it but tears definitely came. I tried REALLY hard not to because I could tell Grady was having a hard time this morning as he got ready, and when he saw that Scout was asleep.

So, Scout and I aided the cockles of our hearts with breakfast at Eclectic Kitchen, walking around IKEA and getting some cute things for the new apartment. Retail therapy works, yo.

We love you, Grady! You’ll be home before we know it.


6 thoughts on “Flying Solo

    • Thanks. I have to admit today was kind of difficult…probably because Scout was having a tough time teething and it made the day seem soooo long…Thank you Jesus for nap times!

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