I follow this wonderful blog and today she shared 26 writing prompts for bloggers with writer’s block! Thanks TSIG. I’ve saved her list and throughout the year I will go back to it when I’m at a loss for blogging inspiration.


“What struggles have you been facing recently and what would you say to someone who is going through the same thing?”

I’m actually in a pretty chaotic season of life right now. We just packed up our place here in Bend and will be moving it up to Portland on Friday. We’ll be officially living there as of August, but during the summer we’ll be scattered across the states. My husband leaves for three months on Saturday to attend CH-BOLC (Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course) in South Carolina with the Army and I am flying solo with our 1 year old. Scout and I will be bouncing between Oregon, California, Nevada and Alaska visiting family to break up the time. I am SO grateful to have family and in-laws that are willing to scoop us up. So I guess you could say I am struggling with the reality of the exhaustion I’m going to be battling this summer. I’m not complaining. Three months is nothing compared to deployments in the military. I grew up in the Army, I’m a chaplain’s kid myself, but this will be the first time I’m the adult navigating single parenting waters while the hubs is gone. I’m choosing to look at it through the lens of excitement and thinking of fun ways to spend time with Scout.

I’m also in the process of writing my book. Actually I hesitate to say writing…. I’m in the research phase. It’s historical fiction and so there is a vast amount of research to be done. I’d be lying if I said I’m not loving the research phase. I love research! It’s so fascinating. It’s exciting. However, I find myself getting discouraged and feeling like the timeline I have isn’t going to work out.  I need to be a little more disciplined with the avenues I’m choosing to research. There is no way everything I discover is going to make it into my book. It’s not a history book.

So, to parent who is about to fly solo for a long period of time: You can do it! You absolutely can. You have to. Look at it as quality time with your child/children. Like I said, I’ve been researching fun things to do with Scout throughout the summer; places to go, things to see and do. I’ve been brainstorming fun packages we can send to Grady while he’s away, and ways to talk about daddy to Scout while he’s gone. I know she won’t remember this season of life, but Grady and I will and I want to make the best of it.

To the discouraged and overwhelmed aspiring author: Don’t give up! There are plenty of other things to do with your time, but if writing is your passion you won’t give up. If you plan on making a career that will support you and your family you WILL make it happen. There is no other option, right?


3 thoughts on “Golden

  1. Best of luck! It sounds like you have a lot on your plate, with all the moves and changes–but you’re positive and strong, and you’ll make it through anything life throws at you!

  2. I think the research was my favorite part of doing my thesis paper. The hard part was the narrowing down, deciding what to leave out and refocusing. It’s so exciting to go down rabbit holes, but somehow that energy didn’t translate over to doing the actual work part. Hope it’s different for you. Good luck!

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