Enter the Void

Prompt provided by Writer’s Digest! 500 word max.


“Tom? What are you doing in here? Have you seen what’s happened outside?” My voice is frantic.

“I’m sorry Jules.” Tom says tonelessly as he turns around. “I had to.”

“Had to do what?” I demand. Tom slides his hands into his pockets and begins walking towards me.

“You never would have stayed Jules,” Tom replies. “You never would have believed.” I hardly recognize Tom’s voice. This is not my husband. My hair stands on end as he gets closer to me. He finally peels his gaze from the floor, and when his eyes lock with mine I nearly jump out of my skin. Rather than the steady ocean blue’s I’ve always known, I am met with pitch-black voids. I run to the door, but Tom is too fast. He grabs me by my wrists.

“It’s too late Jules,” Tom hisses. “There’s no use in fighting. I’ll take care of you. You need only mind me.” He shoves me into the wall and brings his face within an inch of mine.  “Nothing escapes the void.” Tom’s whisper is so solemn that I can hardly breathe. He hits the garage door button behind my head, and it begins rolling itself up. What looks like black mist begins slithering its way across the garage floor. All I can think about is Milly and Luke, oblivious and alone upstairs.

“What have you done? What about the kids?” I say hotly as the void slowly creeps closer.

“The kids?” Tom asks incredulously. “Jules, this is for the kids. The void beckons them.” I take one last look into Tom’s black eyes before everything goes dark. I’m in the void. Tom’s hands are still securely clasped around my wrists, and I have no idea if the void will creep under the door into the house or if it is trapped within the garage.

I hear something come into the room. I feel Tom’s grip tighten.

“Are they here?” A gurgling old voice bellows in the darkness.

“Upstairs,” Tom replies robotically. Heavy movement labors its way across the floor. With all the strength I can muster I slam my forehead forward right into Tom’s face. He screams and I lunge in the direction of the door. My fingers desperately scratch around looking for the handle when a brilliant light suddenly floods the garage.

“Nothing escapes the void Julia Whitman,” the gurgling voice says. I continue to search for the handle when I hear them.

“Mommy! Mama!” Milly and Luke cry. They are outside of the garage. I can hear feet clamoring up something metal. I stagger in the direction of their cries when the light disappears and the darkness returns. I am knocked over by forceful winds and can feel something enormous hovering above me. I leap up and stretch out my arms. My fingers touch cold metal for a moment then it’s gone. I’m alone in the void.

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