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I was excited to see this word for the daily prompt. Some days I hop on here and have ZERO clue what I should write about. It’s nice having someone who can be creative for me when my juices are flowing slowly. So, thanks Daily Prompt!

Vision. As an aspiring author/novelist vision is important. Really it’s important for everyone. I’ve been working on a business plan for my book as well as a five-year plan for my “authorpeneurship” as Nina Amir says. It’s one thing to spend time day dreaming about where your writing will take you, it’s a completely different experience sitting down and making a plan on paper. It’s humbling, terrifying, exciting and difficult. I’ve been reading, “The Author Training Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Writing Books that Sell” by Nina Amir and I can’t even begin to explain how eye-opening it has been. She is brutally honest about the statistics of the writing world and what it will take to become successful in the field. That being said, it has motivated me rather than send me packing (thank you Jesus!).

Putting vision into writing and/or a visual format has been extremely helpful for me. It helps me to see exactly what I need to do and legitimate steps I can be taking everyday to get me to my goal. Little by little one travels far, right? I’ve been making charts and researching like a maniac. A couple of days ago I made binder to keep my business plan, book overview, and research in. It’s a small step but it makes me feel like I’m actually going somewhere rather than storing it all in my head or random pieces of notebook paper.

My vision is to have published a book with a second in the works within the next five years. I plan on landing one of my top five desired agents and a book deal with my publisher of choice. I feel crazy (but excited) typing this out, but go big or go home right?

You’re never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream. -C.S. Lewis

4 thoughts on “Vision

  1. You have inspired me to put my plan in writing. I have avoided it because I didn’t want to be held accountable. But the time is now, I’ll follow your lead. Go big or bust!

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