Daily Prompt provided by Community Pool


I feel like “sacrifice” gets tossed around a lot in the english language, like love.

“I love french fries. I love my husband. I love God. I love pop music. I love romcom’s.” The word begins to lose its punch. People don’t always believe you when you use the “L” word, which is sad. It shouldn’t be a word that’s associated with so many negative things, but it is.

Take sacrifice. I sacrificed my last french fry (I have a thing for potatoes in any form). I sacrifice extra sleep. I sacrifice my…. there are so many things one can sacrifice and the scale is so huge. I’d never compare sacrificing a couple hours of sleep to someone who has sacrificed their life, yet the same word is used. I feel like that’s a little off.

One thing I love about studying other languages is that there can be so many different forms of the same word. Hebrew, for example, has so many forms of the words “love and sacrifice.” The speaker (or writer) knows which form to use based on the context. So, when someone says “I love you”, you know they mean it. When someone has “sacrificed their life”, it is so much more powerful than someone who is willing to sacrifice their last french fry.

Just some rambling thoughts. Not the best post, but it’s kind of a funky day.


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