Why Instagram is my Frenemy.

Instagram. Love it? Hate it? Can’t live without it? Three days ago I started a new instagram account purely for my writing ventures. I have never considered Instagram a source of stress until now. I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed instagram! If anything, I scrolled mindlessly through it to get some “me time” or peace. But now? Not so much.

When you are needing to build an author’s platform, but people only continue to follow you if you follow them back…it’s like…WHATEVER DUDE. Sorry @if.yiew.wunna.git.dis but I’m not all that interested. Ugh. The stress is killing me. I’ve turned the notifications off on my phone. I now understand why there are apps for buying more followers. It seemed ridiculous to me before, but now I can see the appeal there. But it’s not like they have to continue following you. I’m getting stressed out even typing this. Oy yoi yoi. At the end of the day, I want followers that are actually interested in writing and would be potential readers when I publish my book.

I’ve decided that my instagram account for writing will only be checked twice a day: in the morning and once in the afternoon. I won’t check at night because it will probably add stress right before I try to catch some sleep. Throughout the day my personal account will be on. It’s still peaceful over there and a provider of happiness.


4 thoughts on “Why Instagram is my Frenemy.

  1. Hi Lex! I found your blog from instagram actually! haha I agree. I try to follow a lot of writers/authors on instagram because I find their posts inspiring or because I’m genuinely interested in their work. The follow/follow back thing is something I don’t quite understand.

    • Hi Marian! Yeah, the follow back thing is so frustrating..I’m trying really hard not to pay attention to the numbers under “followers” but I at the same time I need keep track for my platforms sake… wahhh.. Also, I went to your blog and I couldn’t find a link or tab to allow me to follow you? help! 🙂

  2. I have a serious love/hate relationship with Instagram. I get stressed when I am following too many businesses and trade publications. It makes me feel like my life is not worth sharing unless I have a professional photographer following me around at all times! I’d say setting limits is a great way to keep the stress under control!

    • That’s soooooooooo true! There are so many quality pictures on Instagram from people of all aspirations and backgrounds. It gets discouraging so fast. I do love following Jen Hatmaker (author) and Kristen Howerton (psychologist and professor) because their photos are hilarious and very much “real life”.

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