Thanks Community Pool for providing here! Hashtag loving it. [Side note] I try to edit as little as possible when it comes to writing prompts. If I stop too many times to edit I feel like the story gets lost.


Firth of Moray, Scotland. February 1314.

Ferelith stood ankle deep in the freezing muddy field. Her dirty brown hair whipped around her face as tears stung at the corner of her eyes. She wrapped her tiny arms closely around her chest for warmth. She watched her mother and two little brothers become smaller and smaller as they trekked into the horizon. How could her mother do this to her? She’d been a good girl. She had always taken the smallest portions and helped with Hugo and Bairn in every way she could think of.

“Ma!” Ferelith cried, “Ma!”It was useless. She knew they weren’t going to turn around  and she was too afraid to chase them. The farmer’s enormous greyhounds would be at her heels before she could get a foot off the ground. They were like a herd of sharp toothed horses.

She wiped the tears that had streamed down her face and slowly turned towards the barn and the stiff necked couple behind her. Farmer Ewan was a kind man but his wife reminded Ferelith of an evil witch her mother once talked about in a bedtime story.

“Be grateful, you black hearted little swine.” Bathsheba sneered at the small girl. “Do you think yourself the only girl abandoned at a time like this? War does nasty things.” Ferelith stared at the horrid woman and wiped the last tear from her cheek. “We’re taking you on at the farm out of the goodness of our hearts. Should I see you cry another tear, you’ll be on your way… or handed over to the dogs. Don’t think you’ll be getting any sort of motherly affection from me girl. You’re alone in this world.”  Bathsheba thrust her hooked nose into the air and turned on her heel towards the house. Farmer Ewan gave the girl a pitying nod and made his way into the barn.

Ferelith turned her back once more towards her family, but they were gone. A gust of wind blew so fiercely that it knocked the small girl onto her knees. Overcome with grief, she didn’t even notice the bloody gash across her kneecap. Ferelith pushed herself back onto her feet and stared up into the gloomy sky; a small speck of blue began breaking through the clouds.

“I’m not alone.” Ferelith whispered clutching her frozen hands to her chest, “For Thou art with me.”


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