Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes the fun day of the week (Saturday) turns into the worst day of the week. Sometimes you want to book a flight to the furthest place on the planet from your current pinpoint on the map (baby in tow).


Most of the time life is good. Most of the time Saturdays are the awesome day that they should be. Most of the time being right where you are is exactly where you want to be.

Today hasn’t been my favorite. In light of Easter I realize how trivial the trials of today seem, but it’s been a good reminder of the power behind Easter. As a Christian it’s the most important day of the year to honor. (There’s always the Christmas verses Easter debate… I realize that Jesus could have never taken part in the accomplishment of Easter without Christmas but, being fully man, He still made the decision to go through with His death on the cross. Without His death and resurrection there is no eternal life. There is no conquering of sin and death. So for me, Easter is #1. But that’s a different post for a different time. On that note I LOVE CHRISTMAS WITH ALL THE LOVE ONE CAN MUSTER!)

Back to Easter…The whole weekend of Easter is so important. Friday. Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was the day of silence. Saturday the disciples were scattered and their hearts were broken. Saturday Jesus’ mother wept and wept and wept some more over the death of her son and Savior. Saturday the whole world wondered if Christ really was/is who He claimed to be. For me, the silence of Saturday makes me take a good hard look at the ugly and the sin in my life. Silence has a way of making your faults and sins extremely loud. Sometimes too loud. We have to go through the Saturday to appreciate the magnitude of Sunday. Christ became our sin so that we may fully live. He took on the things that made today crappy and offers me grace. My heart and my head always have a hard time with grace. It’s such a powerful and beautiful thing. Despite my struggle with it, there is no end to my gratitude for it.

So. Sometimes life sucks. But, Jesus is good all of the time.


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