I’m currently reading “Kisses From Katie” by Katie Davis. She is a missionary to Uganda who has adopted 14 orphaned girls and started Amazima Ministries (and she’s MY age….24). Her story is inspirational. There is no better want to describe it, in my opinion. It’s hard to walk away from the stories in this book and have my life remain unchanged. It’s amazing the things that can unfold by simply saying “Here I am Lord! Send me!” “Yes, Lord!”. I know surrendering our lives comes at a cost, but no cost is greater than the one Jesus paid for our lives already. We were bought at a cost. We are not our own. Katie Davis strives to live with that mind set every day.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not praising Katie. I praise the work that the Lord has done through her. I am, however, admiring her unrelenting state of surrender to Jesus and His plans for her life. She picks up her cross and carries it. In all honestly, when I first began reading I thought, “well it’s a lot easier to pick up your cross when you’re living in a third world country and you’re stripped of all the luxuries of the western world.” But that just simply isn’t true. Making the choice to say “God, you have my ‘yes’ to whatever plans you have for me.” Is difficult no matter where you are. It’s asked of us, wherever we are.

I am just so so so inspired by Katie’s stores in this book. I see a 24 year old woman making such a huge difference in people’s lives because her life is all about Jesus. That’s what I want. It’s what I’ve always wanted. I’ve just been incredibly selfish and lazy in so many areas of my life. God has shown me more about His love for me, and for others through this book. I am called to help and love others in any way that I can. My life is not my own. I serve a God who serves, laziness is not an option. A selfish life is not an option. Following Jesus and His plans for me is the only option that I am satisfied with. Adventure is out there! Especially if you follow Jesus.

This is a video interviewing a young boy named Augustine, one of the hundreds of kids that has been impacted by Amazima Ministries started by Katie Davis. Grab a tissue! It’s good stuff.


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