Books. Books. Books!

I have an addiction.

I love to read. I’m the girl who walks out of the library with (literally) an armful of books and a strong, burning desire to read them all and read them quickly. I am also the girl who gets extremely frustrated and plunges into the depth of post-book-depression when I’m done and wished I’d read them slower. Oh man. What a rough life I lead.

I read four books this last week.. (six including books of the Bible….and ima count them since I had never read them straight through before) And I thought I would give  a little feedback here in my small corner of the internet.

Here we go!


A little about this lady. My obsession with MCH novels is COMPLETELY due to my mother, her mother and her sisters. She absolutely deserves the title “Queen of Suspense”. Every single time (this is not an exaggeration) I read one of her books, I cannot put it down and once I’m done I cannot be alone unless all the lights are on and I’m watching a Disney movie….and even then I’m not completely at ease. She is responsible for countless sleepless nights, strained eyes and late assignments in college.

This book was absolutely amazing! Her development of characters never ceases to amaze me! And she is SO talented at creating lunatics. Seriously..half of my paranoid fantasies are thanks to this woman right here! I’ll never EVER be able to walk around New York alone. Not that I’d do that anyways. Nor would my mother, husband or grandpa allow it, but ya know what I mean. This book follows prosecutor and single mom Kerry McGrath as she starts investigating a plastic surgeon who seems to be “recreating” a murdered woman’s face unto his clients. The twists and turns keep a comin’ in this novel! You won’t be able to put it down. And when you do, I suggest having a nightlight and a happy movie handy.


I LOVED THIS BOOK. Seriously, she’s just so creative. In “Remember Me” you follow a young mom, Menley Nichols, who struggles with trauma from her past and her family as they vacation at the Cape. They are renting the historic “Remember House” and deciding on whether they’d like to buy it or not. Her husband Adam, a defense attorney, is asked to take on the case of local, Scott Covey, who is being accused of murdering his new wife. You get a little bit of a 1700’s history lesson of Cape and seafaring life in this beaut. Pick it up!! You won’t be sorry.


“Where my little half pint of sweet cider half drunk up?” -Pa Ingalls.

I will never, could never, would never tire of this series. I remember my mom reading them to me as a kid, and I haven’t read them since. I grabbed this at the library thinking I’d wait to read it last, but curiosity got the better of me. I was getting stories mixed up in my head, and wanted to get a fresh look at these beautiful stories. Can I just say… I WANT TO BE LAURA INGALLS! I know it would have majorly sucked to not have some  of the conveniences of today. Mainly medicines, plumbing and pinterest (if I’m being totally honest). I just read these books and can’t help but be a little envious. A log cabin way out in the woods away from the hustle and bustle of crazy life (an introverts dream!) Fresh produce and healthy meats that you gathered yourself. Warm hand-made quilts, getting excited over maple syrup candy, being content with a corn cob doll!? COME ON! I know their life wasn’t easy, but they were genuinely joyful and content with so little. I was really convicted while reading this that I have gotten caught up in chasing material things. I read this book and my heart just yearned for their excess-less joyful life. They worked hard. Ate well and Loved each other. Sign me up!


Okay, I am WAY behind times with these books. I absolutely LOVE the movie. I know, I broke the bookworm code and saw the movie first. However, I’ve repented of my ways and am digging into these books. You follow the three Baudelaire orphans, whose parents were killed in a fire and they are given over to the horrible Count Olaf. What surprised me the most is that I actually GOT CHOKED UP and almost cried more than once. The compassion you feel for these poor kids, and knowing there are children going through things like this out in the world was a little overwhelming for me. That being said, it was extremely entertaining. I like the quirkiness of Lemony Snicket and can’t wait to read the next one!

So those are my little book reviews! Grab any of the four and I promise you’ll enjoy yourself!


p.s. Job and II Kings are the books of the bible I read 🙂 I’d give a review of those, but it’s highly intimidating to me and would/should be a post all of their own. I will however, give you a verse from Job that stood out to me!

His sons used to hold feasts in their homes on their birthdays, and they would invite their three sisters to eat and drink with them. When a period of feasting had run its course, Job would make arrangements for them to be purified. Early in the morning he would sacrifice a burnt offering for each of them, thinking, “Perhaps my children have sinned and cursed God in their hearts.” This was Job’s regular custom. (Job 1:4-5)

If you don’t know already, Job is the MAN. If you aren’t sure you agree with me, take a gander and see what this guy went through. This verse, however, sticks out to me because Job reminds me of my mom and my grandpa. It says that it was Job’s regular custom to give offerings to hopefully purify his children’s lives before the Lord. Job wasn’t delusional, he wasn’t naive, he wasn’t cowardly, he just loved his children. I can’t imagine what life was like before Jesus died for the sins of the earth. I don’t know what I’d do without the godly influence and prayers of my grandparents and parents. What I do know, is that if we lived back then, my grandpa and mom would be out there with Job everyday too, covering us kiddos with prayer and offerings.

2 thoughts on “Books. Books. Books!

  1. We read all 13 books of A Series of Unfortunate Events to Sam. I thought it was kind of gruesome but Sam loved them. BUT the most scary book I ever read when I was a kid was Little House on the Prarie. I had nightmares for years that I would end up with Scarlet fever…wait I should add all this as a comment to her blog. Bloggers love that!

  2. haha, well, one plus to reading the Series of Unfortunate Events AFTER watching the movie is that I was a little prepared going in 🙂

    I remember feeling so sorry for Mary! When my husband and I have kids I may have to refrain from reading about Mary’s scarlet fever to any children that take after him…he is also terrified of sickness!!

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