I just returned from a little under three weeks in the Czech Republic. I love love LOVE that country and the people within it so much. It really does feel like a home away from home. I’ve grown very close to some of the Czech’s there and I miss them when I leave.

The ministry that is done there is WONDERFUL. Sometimes I am guilty of envying the Josiah Venture staff and all that they do there. The trip is honestly the highlight of my year. I cannot wait to go back!

But, as amazing and wonderful, and moving and powerful the time is there…..it’s also very much a time of spiritual warfare. I often feel very under attack when I’m there. While I’m not surprised by this and even prepared myself for it…it. still can get very overwhelming.

This song was my “rod and staff” while I was in the Czech this summer. It’s such a sweet song. So comforting. So reassuring. God is so faithful to give us freedom and peace when we need it most.

I honestly could never get enough of Jesus and His love for me. Amazing love!

Happy listening 🙂

“I am your steadfast, so don’t be afraid.”

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