day 5. all about curry

Day 5: My favorite food



I couldn’t find a picture of her curry… I searched and searched through our pictures on Facebook..but to no avail. But I guess that shouldn’t be too surprising. Why waste time taking pictures when you could be eating? You don’t. 


My grandma’s curry has been my favorite food (I’m pretty sure) since I was in the womb. My mom ate it while she was pregnant with me. When I was a baby, they would feed me a little curry on rice. It’s just the best food in the entire world! My grandma is from Australia/Singapore. So growing up, we were SPOILED with amazing Asian food; particularly her delicious chicken curry 🙂

I love you grandma! Thanks for always being there for me even when I’ve lived so very far away. Nothing will ever take the place of your curry!





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