This is one of my absolute FAVORITE movies of all time. I could go on for days about how wonderful this movie is. I highly recommend a mother/daughter viewing of this movie (if your daughter is a bit older…there are some “mature” scenes in the film)

All that being said, I have NEVER watched this movie without crying….and I’ve seen it dozens of times. I’m talking “as deep cries out to deep” kind of cries. The kind of crying that just makes your heart feel so much lighter afterwards. Oh man. So good. And let me also say, that I am a TOTAL happy ending kind of person. I hate sad endings. Hate them. This movie may have sadness in it, but it has a happy ending! (yay!)

If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, the movie follows the stories of a group of mothers who left China and came to America to make life better for their future children, and then follows the life of their daughters when they are grown up. It’s all about overcoming hardship, learning how to love, mother/daughter relationships. OH MY GOODNESS. I just absolutely love this movie.

To give a little glimpse, this is my favorite scene in the whole entire film. Now, where is my tissue box….

Day 2. A movie that makes you cry

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