A New Year.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.
– Winston Churchill

I was looking up quotes on “starting over” and I loved this little beauty. That last couple months of 2012, I felt that God kept giving me the words “Boldness” and “Discipline”. Now, if you know me pretty well, then you know I don’t have problems with being bold. But, if you don’t know me very well, bold is one of the last words you’d probably use to describe me. Especially, sadly, when it comes to my faith.

I just finished reading the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers (READ IT!) and I was continually floored and convicted by Hadassah’s boldness of faith. It could have cost her everything, but she didn’t care. To be bold in my faith would cost me next to nothing, and yet, I cower all the time. So, being bold is a New Year’s resolution for Ali!

Where Mr. Churchill’s quote comes in has to do with my severe lack of discipline. When I was younger, I was a pretty disciplined kid. When I had really bad acne in middle school, not a single piece of chocolate, french fries (my life source), pizza, soda, anything greasy or that  would trigger a breakout went past my lips for three years. I look at myself today and I wonder what the heck happened to that discipline? I’m not a super lazy person, I just noticed that I get more excited about starting things than sticking with them to the end. I really really want this to change. I want to finish the race set before me. I know that I’ll fail at times, but I don’t want my failures to end with a lack of enthusiasm about starting things up again. This is why I am starting this brand new blog! It’s new. It’s fresh. It’s the starting point for this new year.

Grady and I, as a couple, are also wanting to become more financially disciplined. We’ve been going through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (thanks mom and dad!) and we are SO pumped about this change! I went through it when I was in high school, but haven’t been too disciplined about sticking with it.. *shocker*..

We were blessed to start off our marriage with zero debt, and we want to keep it that way. We want to save. We want to change the future lives of our kids and grandkids. Bring it on, FPU! “If you will live like no one else, than later you can live like no one else.” Yes, good plan.

So, here’s to a new year filled with boldness, discipline, joy, dreams, and who knows what else! The best is always yet to come. Especially with Jesus. 2013, I’m coming for you!


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